Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Half term week

It's half term this week (hence the lovely weather we're having!) so the usual weekday groups aren't meeting...

...except for Alternative Wednesday at 8pm in the church where Jonathan will be Introducing Biblical Meditation and Thursday Leisure Club which meets as normal.

If you are able to help on Thursday with crafts, clearing tables and equipment, please contact Sylvena. Thanks.

Drop-In at 4pm on Wednesday in the Bug Hut and PYP Movie Night at 8pm on Friday are also happening. Please contact Jonathan for more details.

Whatever you're doing have a great week

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Alternative Wednesday invitation

This Wednesday is an 'alternative' week.

Michelle has been doing an overview of the Old Testament and it has been great. Not only has it been memorable which is all important but God has spoken to us through her. Do try and come to the next sessions if you can. Don't worry if you've missed some because she does a recap at the start. They are:

May 14 - Samuel to the Division of the Kingdom
June 11 - Prophets and Scattering to exile to Return

and don't forget on May 28 Jonathan will be looking at 'Understanding and Practising Biblical Meditation'

All are welcome at the church from 7.45pm for refreshments and an 8pm start. Hope to see you there...

Friday, 9 May 2008

Anyone for a picnic?

I was interested to read the recent comments on this site about food. I missed the orginal discussion at the church meeting, but I'm all in favour of food and eating together! The lively gathering after the visit from the African children's choir recently was a good example.

You may have read that a church picnic is being planned at Manna House in June. I think it's a great idea, but why just stop at one? I was sharing a meal with some friends from church last night (!) and we agreed that it would be good to revive an old tradition of regular picnics on Sundays after church - weather permitting!

We used to meet at High Elms, but wonder whether this has become too crowded now and parking may be a problem. Has anyone got any ideas of a suitable venue? - Easy to get to, plenty of space for children to run around, plenty of parking, and access to toilets!

We're hoping to start on Sunday 25 May - everyone's welcome - so keep your eyes and ears open!

Family Fun Day

Saturday 10 May
2.00pm to 4.30pm
Something for all the family - Bouncy castle, face painting, false tattoos/nails, side shows, craft, lucky dip and refreshments
To raise money for Demelza House - a children's hospice in Kent.
Come along, bring your family and friends, it's a great afternoon out...

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Congratulations Brian!

At this year's Baptist Assembly in Blackpool, Brian Reed, Minister for Pastoral Care, was formally recognised as a Fully Accredited Minister. This follows a period of study, reflection and affirmation by the local church and the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

We're delighted to have been part of this milestone, and pray that God would continue to bless Brian's ministry amongst us.

In the above picture, you can See Brian receiving a welcoming handshake from Jonathan Edwards, the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. In the envelope Jonathan's holding is Brian's certificate of ministerial recognition. Brian was also welcomed by John Weaver, this year's BU President and Alistair Brown, the General Director of BMS World Mission. It was a moving and affirming occasion, in front of a gathering of approximately 1800 people, and had been preceded by prayer and anointing with oil at Prism, the interactive and creative strand of the Baptist Assembly.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Food in Church

I just wanted to say that I was really pleased to hear Betty speak out at the recent church meeting. Despite discussion on what I really wanted to hear about being artificially constrained, I was glad to hear that some people were willing to speak up for themselves. I actually disagree with Betty's point on food in church, but totally and wholeheartedly support the sentiment behind it.

I agree that spending the church's (your and my) money on lavish entertainment is hardly what Mission is all about. However, Mission is about outreach. Whatever it takes to bring the unchurched into the building, to hear the word of God. If it takes Fellowship food to do that then I am all for it, even if those in the congregation could well afford to pay for it. We do not know this of everyone and should therefore not make assumptions. For instance, Alfa courses seem to be so much more productive when they include a meal. I have been to both kinds, so can speak from experience.