Tuesday, 26 June 2007

discipleship part one

Following on from the conference in April, there will be a Power Point meeting focusing on peer-to-peer mentoring with the very lovely Jonathan - please be there if you can...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

up and running

I much appreciate Jonathan responding to my request for help. It's amazing how a comment, an idea can trigger other thoughts.

I've decided to focus on the issue of how we can make more links between our active midweek programme and the wider church meeting on Sunday. Are there ways we can be church for them on a Tuesday or Wednesday rather than waiting in the vain hope (quote from Stuart Murray Church after Christendom) that they might come on a Sunday? Should we just keep on loving and serving, actions rather than words or should we be more 'evangelistic' in our approach offering Alpha-style courses or parenting forums? Can the two approaches sit side by side?

Volunteering is an essential element on the part of the church otherwise none of this can happen anyway.

I'm off to look at Scripture today to see what it has to say - if you have any thoughts or comments or any examples in Scripture that you think might be of use I'd be really grateful.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

looking after the little ones

I've just spoken to someone asking if I knew of anyone who could babysit for her so she could go out to her home group tomorrow night. Unfortunately I can't, having three wee ones of my own and a hubby who works late. I did come up with one or two suggestions but it got me thinking - the reason I no longer go to a home group is for the very same reason and I particularly miss the fellowship, Bible study and prayer support. For a while they kindly hosted it at our house but even that's not always that practical and the children are rarely in bed by 8.00pm these days!

The family home group I attend monthly certainly helps with fellowship and sharing but meeting again on a Sunday doesn't suit everyone. Also if you happen to miss one there can be quite a gap.

I did suggest the women's bible study but childcare would need to be thought out.

Are there any other ways we could maybe support one another in situations like these?

Monday, 18 June 2007

cafe church

Cafe church, last night, had a river running through it. It was centred on Romans 6 and Paul's reminder that our baptism into Christ means we have moved to a new location where he is Lord. Check out The Message translation which has wonderful vocabulary to express this. There was lots about locations and where we live and an opportunity at the end to respond by packing up your burdens in a suitcase, crossing the river and joining with everyone else to sign a covenant for the journey, as a reminder that we do not make this journey alone.

From the comments we had afterwards I think it went down well with lots of thought-provoking conversation during musical chairs and refreshments. It was great to hear about Bob's new job with Missioncare and pray for him.

It's a year since I did the last cafe church and I had forgotten how much work is involved but one of the strengths, it seems to me, is that they are great for getting to know one another and sharing. So thanks to Jonathan, Simon and the hard-working refreshment, chair removal teams and everyone else involved in making these happen every month.

Friday, 15 June 2007

can you help?

Anthony commented a while back about asking for help.

I know this is not quite the same thing but I'm going to stick my neck out and share something which I have been struggling with and maybe you guys could help me.

I need help with my theology study because I study at home alone (aahhh!) and sometimes I'd love to have other people's input. For example, my next assignment involves a theological reflection based on an issue in our local church.

Simon has a fantastic example of one going on over at his blog at the moment on discipleship, membership and baptism. Check it out if you haven't done so already because it has its roots in what is happening at Bromley Baptist and involves what was addressed at the conference.

The hardest part for me is deciding what issue to write it on. I had thought of basing it on the membership issue but I've only got 1500 words, which isn't a lot and if you read Simon's posts/comments you'll see what a massive topic it is.

It occurred to me that some of you might have some ideas about an issue facing our church that it might be useful for me (and hopefully you) to work through using our collective experiences and Scripture with a view to looking at it through God's eyes.

I'd love to hear any suggestions...